Strategic ServicesWhat we do

Country Risk Reports

Industry analysts often rely on readily available, superficial information or open-source intel when assessing the risk levels of a country. Worldwide Security Partners deploys sources on the ground, in the country in question, to gather relevant intelligence when our clients request a country risk report. In this way we provide first-hand, current and relevant information that is tailored to the needs of our clients, rather than a generic overview.

ExPat Risk Services and Training

When your personnel are deployed out of their usual surroundings into potentially dangerous environments, it is paramount to ensure their preparedness to face the security risks as well as the intercultural challenges they will encounter. We provide specialised training courses to prepare expatriate personnel for these challenges. Course topics include general security briefings, counter measures against criminal activities, kidnap-for-ransom training, and intercultural communication and awareness.

Crisis Management and Kidnap for Ransom

The developing regions of this world still face huge socio-political challenges, which may lead to armed conflict and other crisis situations. Organisations that operate in these regions must take precautions in order to protect personnel, assets and information from harm, because in dangerous situations, decisive action must be taken quickly and efficiently. We assist companies, organisations, NGOs and individuals in establishing effective crisis management systems that include emergency and medical evacuations out of crisis areas.

Business exploration and facilitation

We can offer guidance across various Emerging Markets on

  • Political, operational and security matters
  • Identification and provision of appropriate physical locations for office and residential premises
  • Threat assessments and design of appropriate security strategies
  • Advice on the nature and extent of local business networks and strategies

We also facilitate liaison services on various levels, including introductions to officials and local businessmen