Business IntelligenceWhat we do


Businesses often face internal and external irregularities that can only be resolved through comprehensive, actionable information. Our dedicated investigations unit has the resources and networks to help our clients obtain the information they need to resolve confidential and crucial matters. This specialised service functions independently of all our other operations to ensure client confidentiality at all times.

Undercover Operations

Worldwide Security Partners has extensive experience in placement and handling of undercover operatives who will infiltrate your operations or external threat scenarios on your behalf to obtain the information that will enable you to respond proactively. Scenarios range from violent labour actions and internal theft, to criminal syndicate activity.

Asset Tracing

When faced with litigation, defaulters and bad debtors, business are often forced to search for attachable assets to recover outstanding debts and costs. Our effective tracing methods ensure the delivery of current, accurate information to our corporate, legal and private clients which enables them to successfully conclude litigation and recovery matters.

Verification Services

Doing business in unfamiliar territory can be a daunting task. In many emerging economies, information on potential employees, business partners and even statutory institutions is not readily available to outside entities. Worldwide Security Partners has established measures to verify the claims of individuals and entities, os that you can make informed decisions on who to do business with or employ. Verification services are offered in various regions across the globe.