SECURITY ServicesWhat we do

Executive Protection

Our executive and personal protection services provide peace of mind for people travelling and acting in high-risk environments. Our highly trained, experienced staff will provide maximum levels of protection while blending in with your surroundings. Our close protection officers are typically former members of American and NATO defence forces or law-enforcement agencies; many have experience of high-risk areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Safe Transport Solutions

Hard- and soft-skin vehicles paired with Security drivers and additional security measures will ensure that your travel experience will be undisturbed, safe and comfortable. We can provide solutions for individuals as well as groups. Our personnel have extensive local knowledge, are bi- or multilingual and will make sure that you feel relaxed at all times

Valuable Cargo Escorts

Valuable cargo has always been a target of criminals. Because of an increase in security in the assets-in-transit industry, criminals more frequently target transit vehicles and warehouses for valuable goods such as precious metals, diamonds and high-tech items. Our low-profile cargo escorts provide a suitable and flexible solution to those who shy away from high-profile assets-in-transit. Well experienced security experts will provide tailor-made strategies to ensure the safe transport and warehousing of your valuable items.

Static Asset protection

Worldwide Security Partners specialises in corporate, industrial and resource security in medium- and high-risk areas. The cornerstone of this service is our qualified, well-trained personnel deployed at crucial points of your business operations, where they will ensure seamless and safe operations. Where necessary our officers are deployed with force multipliers such as firearms or canine units and are backed up by state-of-the-art technology solutions.