Worldwide Security Partners was founded by a group of international Security professionals with the aim to provide Security Solutions Worldwide at the same highest standards in the industy. We thus create a single point of contact for our clients’ security needs across the globe.

As an established provider of security and risk solutions with extensive local, regional   and International expertise and reach across the Globe, we assist clients to conduct their business safely and securely in emerging markets, as well as established environments. With generations of combined experience in operating in adverse environments, we are able to build bridges into those lucrative but risky and difficult-to-access areas of business that have become ever more important for multinational expansion strategies and organizations.

As a provider of risk-management solutions to corporate, industrial, legal and extractive operations, as well as mega events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, we believe in integrating security seamlessly into the operations of our clients. Our clear objective is to employ measures that create an invisible touch rather than a fortified castle mode. To achieve this objective, we employ an intelligence-based, logistical and integrative approach to security and risk management by creating acceptance for our clients’ operations and immersion in their surroundings.

Our services range from physical security measures such as executive protection and safe transport solutions to pre-deployment security trainings to more strategic services, such as business partner verification, business intelligence and undercover investigations. Worldwide Security Partners will ensure that you can conduct business in any region on the globe, as if you were doing it in your backyard.