ADVISORY ServicesWhat we do

Security Audits

We conduct independent audits of clients’ current security measures and procedures. We assess aspects such as access-control systems, internal procedures, stock control and perimeter security. At Worldwide Security Partners we believe that no two businesses or organisations are the same, audits are hence carried out by our professional, experienced consultants, who will provide you with a complete status report as well as recommendations for improvements.

Risk Assessments and Security Planning

Our experts will help you to analyse and manage your particular risk situation. With a focus on the latest developments in the security sector, Worldwide Security Partners will establish and implement an overall corporate security strategy for you and enable you to reduce the risk to your people, reputation, information and physical assets. Our strategy factors in the unique aspects of your business such as its nature, set-up of your assets and profiles of your stakeholders.

Operational pre-planning and Procedures Development

Preparation and planning for the safety and survival of personnel and the security of assets are vital when you live, work or travel in dangerous and risky areas. Our experienced personnel will design detailed and integrated plans, from everyday operational requirements to emergency planning and business continuity, to keep you and your operation out of harm’s way.